Friday, October 9, 2015

Would Jesus Wear A Pope Francis Thong?

Three words that don't seem right together are "Pope Francis thong."

Do a search for things like:

  1. Pope Francis thong
  2. Pope Underwear & Panties
  3. Pope Francis sports bra
Weird, weird, and weird.

Quote Of Note - Barry Diller

"Donald Trump, all he is is about conflict, and all that he is is negative conflict. He's a self-promoting huckster who found a vein. A vein of meanness and nastiness." - Barry Diller

Playing With Slaves?

Dark-skinned Playmobil pirate-ship doll wearing ‘slave collar’ ignites outrage:
A Playmobil pirate ship set has sparked a firestorm over a figurine that resembles an African American slave wearing a neck shackle.

Ida Lockett of Sacramento, Calif., said her 5-year-old son received the toy as a birthday present, and when she was helping him assemble it, she noticed the instructions — telling her to put a play shackle around the figure’s neck.

“This right here was found on his neck,” she told CBS Sacramento about the piece.

“You cannot have this specific accessory and call it anything else. The fact that you can Google it, look it up, say what it is — it’s a slave collar.”
Why let your kid play with pirates in the first place? After all they were, and are, murderous, plundering thieves. Some role model. Captain Mosey would be OK, however.

How Many More Times? - 025

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fake Quote Of Note - God

"Look, I’m too busy to stop all the gun violence in America, try some new laws." - God

Those Damn Facts And Rigorous Standards

The overwhelming majority of scientists agree: Vaccinations do not cause autism. Study after study has shown this, and even the original research used to peddle this myth was eventually retracted due to falsified data. But this hasn’t stopped many anti-vaccination groups from still trying to create data that says otherwise, often by commissioning studies that they hope will support their ideologies.

But for one group at least, this method of funding scientific studies to prove their point seems to have backfired. A six-year study looking into the effect that vaccinations have on the neurological development and social behavior of rhesus macaque infants, funded in part by the anti-vaccination and autism advocacy group SafeMinds, concluded that there was no evidence at all for such a link.

That didn’t stop the group from claiming the results didn’t change things. In a statement, they say that they had “concerns about changes in the study design protocol and analysis that may have led to these contradictory results.” The contradiction they are referring to is the fact that they were previously given preliminary results from a smaller trial, which purported to back up their position, before the study was expanded to include more subjects and underwent more rigorous standards that eventually found zero evidence.
"The results didn’t change things." A nice example of Confirmation Bias.

Oh, the irony of funding a study that proves you wrong.

I’d Really rather you didn't act like a sanctimonious holier-than-thou ass...

Moments before a city council meeting, Keller scrapped plans for an atheist to deliver its invocation.

The mayor offered a prayer instead.

Zachary Moore, representing Keller Humanists, was set to speak.

“The things I like to invoke are our shared values. I like to invoke the democratic process,” he said.

Moore has given the invocation at Keller city council meetings three times in the last year. It comes with a condition, though.

Moore’s invocations are always followed by a prayer given by Pastor John Salvesen of the Bear Creek Bible Church.

“I was fine with that too for a while, but it occurred to me that what happened was also a form of discrimination,” said Moore.

Last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which advocates for separation of church and state, sent the council a letter.

“If the Council insists on continuing to host prayers at public meetings, it cannot discriminate against any person wishing to give a prayer. The nonreligious and members of minority religions must be permitted to deliver invocations on an equal basis. This not only means permitting them to be in the invocation rotation, it also means not making a special show of diluting their message with a subsequent Christian prayer,” reads the letter.

Pastor Salvesen, who oversees the invocation, sees one problem, though. Moore, he claims, isn’t praying, since he has no one to pray to.
This is so wrong.

There are many different versions of the Our Pasta prayer:
Our Pasta,
Who "Arghh" in colander,
Draining be thy noodles.
Thy serving come,
Thy food be yum,
In restaurants, as it is in kitchens.
Give us this day our daily sauce,
And forgive our messes,
As we forgive those who mess against us.
And lead us not into hunger,
But deliver us some pizza,
For thine is the spaghetti, and the meatballs, and the sauce
For ever and ever.

Religious people aren't praying to anyone either, anyone real that is.

Why Did He Wait So Long?

The founder of the global News Corp. media empire, Rupert Murdoch, is suggesting that President Barack Obama isn't a "real black president."
Has all of the racist hate levelled at Obama for all these years been totally unnecessary?

Does This Mean Anything?

But amid this flawed, headache-inducing verbiage, there is a pattern. So says Grammarly, a private, San Francisco-based company behind what’s billed as “the world’s leading automated proofreader.” The company analyzed comments on 19 presidential candidates’ Facebook pages and found that: 1) supporters of Republican candidates make more mistakes than supporters of Democrats; 2) supporters of Republican candidates use fewer unique words than supporters of Democrats; and 3) Donald Trump supporters made the most mistakes of them all.
In the grand scheme of things this probably means nothing, so I decided to post it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

An Example Of A Responsible Gun Owner

Police confirmed on Wednesday that a concealed pistol license (CPL) holder was not being threatened by a fleeing shoplifter when she decided to fire multiple shots at him in a Home Depot parking lot.

“It’s my worst nightmare as a CPL instructor,” said Doreen Hankins, owner of Detroit Arms, which holds CPL classes. “You have to know the entire situation before you pull that handgun out. And I don’t see that a shoplifter at Home Depot fills any of those criteria.”

The shooting happened in the store’s parking lot at around 2 p.m. Tuesday, when Home Depot’s store security was chasing a shoplifter who jumped into a waiting dark SUV driven by another suspect, said Lt. Jill McDonnell, an Auburn Hills police spokeswoman.

But when the SUV began to pull away, the CPL holder, a 48-year-old woman from Clarkston, suddenly began firing shots at the fleeing vehicle. The vehicle escaped, though one of the bullets may have flattened a back tire, McDonnell said. Police are still seeking to identify the suspects.
To use a concealed weapon in Michigan, a CPL holder needs to think that there is an imminent danger of death, great bodily harm or sexual assault, or think there is a similar danger to someone else, said Rick Ector, a firearms trainer who runs Legally Armed Detroit. He added that a gun is “truly a tool of last resort.”

“In that situation personally, there’s no way I would be shooting my gun,” said another instructor, Dawn Martin, with the Kalamazoo-based Viper Security Enforcement Inc.

CPL holders who misuse their guns could face a wide range of charges — among them felony firearm, reckless use of a firearm and felonious assault.
The only problem that I see is that their weren't other armed people opening fire. Someone should have shot at this woman, and then someone should have shot at that person, and then someone should have shot at that person, and then someone should have shot at that person, ad infinitum. Isn't that what Wayne LaPierre preaches?

I look forward to my next trip to Home Depot.

Stop giving the NRA money!