Monday, September 28, 2015

Dirty Frank's Mural

Where would Jesus have a beer? Probably at Dirty Frank's in Philadelphia, because the pope is on the wall.

Pope Francis forever grins over Philly’s ‘Gayborhood’:
There are a lot of famous Franks painted on the outside of Dirty Frank’s, a neighborhood bar and local landmark here.

And though Pope Francis left the city Sunday (Sept. 27), he will long grin over “the Gayborhood” — as Dirty Frank’s vicinity is sometimes called — in a mural alongside Frank Sinatra, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Frankenstein.

The mural became part of the city’s lively public art scene in 2001 when it was first painted by local artist David McShane. McShane added the pope to the mural just a few weeks before the pontiff’s arrival. (“Frank” is a common nickname for Americans named “Francis.”)

“I think there’s a humor involved in putting him on a place called Dirty Frank’s,” McShane said recently. He feels comfortable putting the pope alongside Frank Zappa and Aretha Franklin (who sang “Amazing Grace” for Francis during his Festival of Families event). And he doesn’t think it will be seen as disrespectful.
Also, Jesus can probably relate to Frankenstein.

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