Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What Does Equality Actually Mean?

Chick-fil-A wins in 'Faith Equality Index':

A website called Faith Driven Consumer that lists which companies are best in terms of espousing Christian values has given top billing to Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby, two businesses that have made media waves in recent months because of attacks on their executives’ faith.
Now both businesses are getting back-pats for the very Christian values that caused previous firestorms. The two filled first and second spots on the Faith Equality Index, the just-released survey to see what companies are most Christian.
First, there were no attacks on "their executives’ faith". Second, how is this a "Faith Equality Index"?

: the same in number, amount, degree, rank, or quality
: having the same mathematical value
: not changing : the same for each person
If things are equal there are no first and second spots. There are no winners.

If things are equal there is room for atheists, satanists, Muslims, Jews, etc.

Perhaps reading the dictionary instead of the Bible would be useful.

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