Thursday, January 14, 2010

Racist Rush Politicizes Disaster

Rush Limbaugh:

Yes, I think in the Haiti earthquake, ladies and gentlemen -- in the words of Rahm Emanuel, we have another crisis simply too good to waste. This will play right into Obama's hands -- humanitarian, compassionate. They'll use this to burnish their -- shall we say -- credibility with the black community, in the both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community, in this country. It's made-to-order for 'em. That's why he couldn't wait to get out there. Could not wait to get out there.
Mr. Limbaugh says this as if there is something bad about being humanitarian and compassionate. I suppose Mr. Limbaugh would prefer that Obama follow the Bush Katrina plan. You know, if black people are involved in a disaster the best course of action is to do nothing. I do believe that he has some serious psychological problems.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps rush can't think in any other terms; to him compassion must be opportunistic since he would only be compassionate if it got him something. When I heard about Obama sending relief to Haiti, one of my first thoughts was to remember the bush response to New Orleans. You are so right about rush.

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