Monday, January 10, 2011

Beck's Brain

From Arizona shootings: Left and right at odds over effects of toxic politics by Suzanne Goldenberg:

On his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck, the sometimes incendiary talkshow host, was all sympathy for Sarah Palin. "I know you are feeling the same heat on this," he said, reading out his exchange of email with the firebrand leader who has been accused of helping to create the toxic environment of current American politics.

Forty-eight hours after the massacre at an Arizona Safeway, the left and right were engaged in decrying the violent rhetoric of Obama-age politics while trying at the same time to score points off their political opponents.

Beck used his show to drum up sympathy for Palin, reading out an email from the conservative icon in which she expressed her hatred of violence and those who seek to politicise violence.

He then offered her the services of his own security firm, reading out the name on air. "Please look into protection for your family. An attempt on you can bring the republic down," he said.
Let me get this straight. There are people on the left who have criticized and/or questioned the rhetoric of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck for possibly inciting violence. Yet Beck perceives that there is a threat from the non-violent, anti-war, gun-control supporting left and that one of us will abandon our principles to try to shoot Sarah Palin? The man’s brain is in need of a major overhaul.

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