Friday, February 27, 2009

Bring Your Gun To The Tea Party

The extreme right wants you to bring your biggest guns to their tea party. Their idea of democracy is a strange one. The losers in an election have the right to incite violence against the winners. How civil of them. How insane.

From Good Odds that Rupert Murdoch Will be Responsible for the Next Timothy McVeigh or Assassination Attempt by Mark Karlin:

Yes, with the civil war talk on the program of the recently acquired FOX News demagogue, Glenn Beck, inflammatory talk by Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh's nativist rants that equate Obama to something akin to an amalgamation of Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler, the right-wing media is stirring up the dangerous angry white male resentment to a dangerous frenzied pitch.

And we all know where that ended up with Timothy McVeigh and the militia movement of the '90s, which was enabled by the right-wing media barons -- such as Rupert Murdoch -- to create a literal armed militia movement against the government of the United States.
But when the armed angry white males decide to act because of the Murdoch/Limbaugh et al. incitement to rise up ringing in their ears, the blood will be on the hands of Rupert and his fellow right-wing corporate media barons -- and he won't be sorry for it.

He'll only feel one thing: Mission accomplished.
"Glenn Beck is one bizarre right-wing-nut."

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