Tuesday, September 1, 2015

God Authorizes Government Shutdown

I've been trying to understand the situation in Rowan County, Kentucky.

The Kentucky clerk at the center of a conflict over same-sex marriage closed her office Saturday ahead of a rally protesting her refusal to issue marriage licenses.

The protest comes a day after Rowan County clerk Kim Davis asked the U.S. Supreme Court to grant her "asylum for her conscience."
A county clerk has again refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, invoking her religious beliefs and "God's authority" — this time in defiance of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling against her.

On Tuesday morning, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' office denied the licenses to at least two couples. At first, Davis remained in her office with the door closed and blinds drawn. But she emerged a few minutes later, telling the couples and the activists gathered there that her office is continuing to deny the licenses "under God's authority."

Davis asked David Moore and David Ermold, a couple who has been rejected four times by her office, to leave. They refused, surrounded by reporters and cameras.

"We're not leaving until we have a license," Ermold said.
Where is the redundancy? What happens when Kim Davis goes on vacation? What happens to the county clerks office if she is sick or in the hospital? Does the office completely shut down? Why does Kim Davis have so much power in Rowan County? Why aren't other Rowan County government officials bringing in another person to issue marriage licenses? Aren't these officials also defying the United States Supreme Court?

A closed office means that Kim Davis is not performing other county clerk duties for other Rowan County citizens. This is not just about gay marriage licenses. Why is this being allowed?

 Obviously God is a Tea Party Republican who hates fags and believes in shutting down the government.

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