Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mat Staver - American Loon

Encyclopedia of American Loons:

Matt Staver is a founding member and Chairman of Liberty Counsel since 1989, and dean of Jerry Falwell’s legendary Liberty University School of Law since 2006. As a lawyer he primarily defends “value” cases (that is, he tries to get his bigotry with a tinge of theocracy endorsed as law), which he does with zeal, rage, and a notable lack of critical thinking skills (his most magnificently delusional argument ever may still be his argument for the claim that occasionally using the word “Holiday” when you could have used “Christmas” entails that you are a communist; he has also lamented the fact that college campuses don’t allow diversity, since colleges are generally liberal. His own college is presumably assumed to be an exception (see in particular this).
I like the fact that the Encyclopedia of American Loons exists.

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