Wednesday, March 4, 2009


What would Rush do? Unfortunately he won’t shut up, so we all know what he does. Nothing but talk. And all of it is destructive, none of it is constructive.

Rush wants Obama to fail. He now has clarified his statements to include the word policies. He wants Obama’s policies to fail.

What would Rush say to someone who said that they wanted George W. Bush to fail and that they wanted his policies in Iraq to fail? Unpatriotic and treasonous come to mind.

Is Rush Limbaugh unpatriotic and treasonous?

“That’s the nature of this job, baby” cracks me up.

Why does Matt Lauer not question Michael Steele when Steele says: “I don’t think that Republicans, Democrats, or Independents, or anyone wants policies that redistributes the wealth of this country, wants policies that nationalizes our health care…” Steele is basically lying here, and Lauer is complicit in the lie. Many people do want a progressive tax (something we have had for a very long time, even Bush didn’t completely get rid of it; yes, Bush redistributed wealth!) and many people support universal health care.

Once again Steele perpetuates the lie that Republicans think of the small business owner as the saviour of the country. Once again I will ask the question: if the small business owner means so much to the economy, why do the Republicans only offer tax cuts to the wealthy as a solution? Small business owners are not wealthy, big business owners are.

“One of the challenges that is presented to the minority party is to get heard.” Really? Rush Limbaugh is on the radio every day, Republican Congress members are on television whining all the time, and Michael Steele is on the Today Show. I’m listening. The rest of America is listening. You are heard. We just don’t like what you have to say. We don’t want America to fail. Why does Mr. Limbaugh?

The polices of George W. Bush have failed us. The policies of the Republican Party have failed us. The policies of Rush Limbaugh have failed us. At least give Obama a chance.

Perhaps Rush Limbaugh is part of the problem. I really don’t see him as the solution.

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