Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Does Rush Limbaugh actually have the power to make Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele “bend over” (one of Mr. Limbaugh’s favorite phrases) and apologize?

From Angry Rush Limbaugh Strikes Back at RNC’s Steele:

Limbaugh also accused the RNC chair of disloyalty, since he'd appeared as a guest on Limbaugh's show during his failed 2006 Senate run in Maryland.

"My parents taught me when I was growing up that you always stood behind people who defended you, that you never abandon people who stood up for you and defended you against assault," Limbaugh said.

Steele, for his part, is backing down on his comments.

"My intent was not to go after Rush – I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh. I was maybe a little bit inarticulate . . . There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership….," Steele told Politico Monday

He added: "I went back at that tape and I realized words that I said weren't what I was thinking. It was one of those things where I thinking [sic] I was saying one thing, and it came out differently. What I was trying to say was a lot of people … want to make Rush the scapegoat, the bogeyman, and he's not."

Asked by Politico if he was apologizing to Limbaugh, "I wasn't trying to offend anybody. So, yeah, if he's offended, I'd say: Look, I'm not in the business of hurting people's feelings here . . . My job is to try to bring us all together."

Much of the dust-up between Rush and some Republicans came after his rousing CPAC speech in which he railed against the Obama administration for spreading fear in order to promote a liberal, big-government agenda. In the speech he repeated his controversial remarks from January that he hoped Obama failed.

"What is so strange about being honest and saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and re-form this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation?" he asked an enthusiastic crowd at CPAC.
Does the Constitution mention capitalism? Did the founders debate the merits of capitalism? When has Barack Obama ever said that he wants to destroy capitalism and individual liberty? Why does Rush Limbaugh have so much power and why is Michael Steele such a wimp? We got rid of George W. Bush. Why can’t we get rid of Rush Limbaugh? Wouldn’t the Republican Party be better off without him? Wouldn’t the country be better off without him?

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