Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Carrie Prejean, Let Me Count The Ways

The first thing that made me dislike Carrie Prejean was her saying “no offense to anybody out there.” Like so many religious people she wants absolution. When she didn’t get it she acted outraged. Tough luck, Carrie. Donald may have absolved you, but not everyone will.

The second thing that made me dislike Carrie Prejean was the tone of her voice and the look on her face when she spoke. How sanctimonious can you get?

The third thing that made me dislike Carrie Prejean was her whining. Specifically her whining about freedom of speech. She seems to think that she is being punished and attacked for stating her opinion. What bullshit! It is true that, as Americans, we have freedom of speech. (Unless, of course, you went out in the streets to protest against George W. Bush. Then you were arrested, shot at, and/or jailed.) Any idiot knows that speech can have repercussions and consequences. Any idiot knows that we all restrain our speech from time to time. Like the times we don’t call our boss an asshole to his face. Certain conventions usually dictate a restraining of speech. Imagine the preacher preaching to his congregation that “Jesus was the biggest fucking asshole that ever lived.” Now imagine the reaction of the congregation. Now imagine a beauty contest where a contestant says something offensive to gay people. Now imagine the reaction of gay people. Oh wait, you don’t really have to imagine that one, do you?

The fourth thing that made me dislike Carrie Prejean was thinking about Matthew Shepard and how he might still be alive today if people didn't believe that the Bible tells wackos like Prejean that the homos are sick bastards and don’t deserve the same rights as the rest of us.

No offense Carrie, but screw you. I can’t wait for your fifteen minutes of fame to be over.

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