Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I had forgotten about Anita Bryant. That’s probably a good thing.

From Carrie Prejean, Let's Talk About Milk by Anna Wainwright:

I wonder if Carrie Prejean has heard of Anita Bryant. Maybe I'm wrong in assuming that the current Miss California USA has not seen the film about the first openly gay elected official in the United States, and that she does not know much about the history of the gay rights struggle in her home state and country over the course of the last century. She may not recognize the similarities between herself and Ms. Bryant, the Evangelical Christian, Oklahoma-born singer and Florida orange juice spokeswoman, who is most famous for her tireless 1977 fight to save children from the threat of being taught by homosexual teachers. Anita became a symbol. Utterly confident in her own moral rectitude and superiority, she circled the country, campaigning on a platform of Christian virtue and warning the masses that because homosexuals could not have children, they would "recruit your own."
It is curious that Anna Wainwright left out one of the main similarities between Anita and Carrie.

From Anita Bryant:
Bryant became Miss Oklahoma in 1958 and was a second runner-up in the 1959 Miss America beauty pageant at age 19, right after graduating from Tulsa's Will Rogers High School.
Now it’s time for me to try to forget about both Anita Bryant and Carrie Prejean.

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