Saturday, September 12, 2015

God Hates Fags And So Does Mat Staver

Mat Staver is the lawyer who represented Kim Davis.

From 10 Things You Should Know About The Liberty Counsel:

Mathew Staver, in an audio report on called Freedom’s Call, said “Last week I had the opportunity to submit a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court and to testify before Congress regarding the attacks on religious freedom of licensed mental health professionals, minors, and their parents. Homosexual activists have attempted to enact laws throughout the country that would silence mental health professionals from expressing the truth that an individual can successfully reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions behavior or identity. These efforts are nothing more than an attempt to censure any viewpoint concerning scriptural teaching on human sexuality. They represent one of the greatest assaults on children and families that has risen in recent times.”
Mat Staver Said American Opposition To The Criminalization Of Homosexuality Is “Immoral.”  “Staver: More than sixty countries have laws criminalizing homosexuality and virtually every country in the world has laws that criminalize pedophilia and child incest. Malawi was doing what it was doing in its own best interest and America should not be trying to make that country act in an immoral way.”
Staver Urged Magistrates To “Stand Your Ground” And Not To Resign In The Face Of Same-Sex Marriage, Promising Liberty Counsel Representation. According to a press release, “Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver is urging people in states affected by same-sex unions to stay: ‘Stand your ground. Do not voluntarily resign your post when confronted with this intolerant agenda.’ Staver made these comments after several magistrates in North Carolina resigned because they refused to preside over a same-sex marriage. ‘I appreciate the conviction of these magistrates, but rather than resign they should remain at their post. Liberty Counsel will represent them, but once they resign there is not much we can do to help,’ said Staver.”
Even better -- Liberty Counsel compared marriage equality to slavery and forced sterilization. Enter Mat Staver: “It’s shameful for the Supreme Court for what they have done to marriage as it has been shameful in the history of the court with regards to the Dred Scott decision or the Buck v. Bell decision, where they said that the state of Virginia can forcibly sterilize her because of this eugenics idea that they want to eliminate the undesirables of the world. That was the shameful day that we ultimately look back with shame upon and I think this is going to be one of those same kind of situations.”
This is just a small sample of what Mat Staver is all about. Can't you just feel the love?

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