Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kill It, Kill It, Kill It Dead

Let me dance on its grave.

The day that Steve Jobs prophesied back in 2010 in one of his most famous screeds is finally upon us -- the death of Adobe's Flash web format.

Beloved by advertisers, hated by users, security experts and pretty much everyone else, Flash is still all too common, especially on media sites. One survey found 90% of all so-called rich media ads -- the ones with videos or other moving elements -- relied on Flash in the first quarter.

But starting today, Google's Chrome, the browser of choice for a majority of desktop users, will be effectively cutting off Flash advertising at the knees, ignoring those intrusive, battery-sucking, fan-spinning, auto-play videos and banners. (Now people will have to click on the ads to see them in Flash.)
Flash has to be one of the worst bits of software on the internet. I don't understand why Adobe didn't kill it years ago. It simply made the company look bad, really, really bad. It was like free advertising that said "look at the crappy software we make."

Now, if only someone would get rid of javascript.

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