Saturday, September 12, 2015

Liberty Counsel Six Years Ago

If you follow gay blogger Joe My God at all, you know he's politically opinionated, but also breezy and fun. So it may surprise you that some prominent conservatives have called the FBI on him.

Not on him, exactly -- on his commenters, some of whom made what these conservatives take as menacing statements, which they think should be treated as terrorist threats.
Americans for Truth added, "The pro-family Christian defense organization Liberty Counsel has contacted the FBI regarding the threatening posts." LaBarbera told us that Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber had indeed called the FBI.

JMG said the comments "don't pass the laugh test as a 'terrorist threat,'" but nonetheless removed the post and asked his readers to notify him of any comment "that you feel incites to violence," and requested, "please don't post anything, even in jest, that you wouldn't mind saying in a signed letter to your local newspaper."

Ironic, isn't it, that the irony of using the First Amendment to try to defend Kim Davis et al is lost on those who think that the First Amendment doesn't apply to homosexual bloggers. 

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