Sunday, September 6, 2015

Socialist Favorite

60-something socialist is Britain's unlikely political star:

Britain's surprising new political star is a rumpled 66-year-old with a set of socialist ideas many thought had faded with the Cold War.

Jeremy Corbyn, the runaway favorite in a contest to lead the opposition Labour Party, opposes NATO and nuclear weapons, plans to apologize for the invasion of Iraq and wants to end austerity, heavily tax the rich and nationalize Britain's railways.

Opponents say the longtime lawmaker is a relic of the past who will drive away moderate voters. But to supporters — many of them young, new to politics and brimming with enthusiasm — his old-fashioned ideas are the future.

"It's a breath of fresh air," said 24-year-old Alex Anthony, holding an "I'm on team Jeremy Corbyn" sign outside a candidates' debate. "I'm sick and tired of the other candidates ignoring the fact that it wasn't ordinary people that created the financial crisis."

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