Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The End Of Snow? But It Snowed Once In NYC Herd Mentality

It all started about two years ago when the features editor at Powder magazine and the author of “Deep: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow” wrote an Opinion piece for the NYT. Porter Fox is not a scientist and the "End of Snow?" was more about being a skier and winter sports enthusiast than it was about climate change.

Enter Rush Limbaugh:

Here we have this major blizzard that has stormed the Northeast. Two years ago, the New York Times had a story in which they're serious about "the end of snow" because of climate change and global warming. At the time they wrote it, the key slopes were empty and bare -- or way, way, way below normal. And so (capitalizing and politicizing everything, which the New York Times does) it became a big story essentially saying that we're looking here at the end of snow.

Very soon, in the next 20 years, it could be the end of snow.

There might not be any more snow!

Well, which is absolutely flat-out ridiculous. It is worse than journalistic malpractice.
It was not a story, it was an opinion piece by someone who does not work at the NYT! The NYT was not "serious about 'the end of snow' because of climate change and global warming," Porter Fox was! How can this be "capitalizing and politicizing everything" on the part of the NYT? It was an opinion piece, from the paper that publishes David Brooks and Ross Douthat! How can an opinion piece written by someone who does not work at the NYT be "journalistic malpractice?" If someone tried to sue the NYT about this they would be laughed out of court. Why isn't Rush Limbaugh laughed off of the airwaves?

Then others jumped on The "End of Snow?" But It Snowed Once In NYC Herd Mentality bandwagon following Limbaugh's "leadership" of taking what Porter Fox wrote out of context and confusing him for a corporation.

Climate changers shocked and puzzled by snow in January and So Much for the End of Snow...

More will probably follow, even as the temperature rises and all the snow melts.

Also, Rush and his dittoheads are likely to continue to ignore what Porter Fox actually was writing about, things like:

Low Business for Snow Business as Ski Resorts Struggle This Winter

Warmer Winters Mean Higher Stakes for Ski Resorts

Warm weather pushing earnings downhill at area ski resorts

Warm Christmas Leaves Ski Slopes Stranded

Not everyone is thrilled with a warm December

I know, I know... Limbaugh is a "comedian" not a journalist. The thing is, he's not at all funny.

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