Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Hang Yourself Cross Of Bible-Banging Victimhood

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Is About to Get Filthy Rich:
She may not realize it at the moment, although I suspect she has realized it all along, but Kim Davis just became a political television star and a very rich lady besides.
Let me explain to you what happens now. The entire political communications apparatus of the wingnut welfare system goes to DefCon 1. (Judge Bunning's e-mail is going to get very entertainingly unchristian, I suspect.) Kim Davis now becomes the latest ornament on the Hang Yourself Cross of Bible-banging victimhood. There will be marches and vigils. There will be a six-figure book deal; my money's on John Fund as Davis's ghost. There may even be one of those movies produced by gullibility trawlers like the one helmed by Rick Santorum. Anybody want to bet me that she doesn't speak at next year's Republican National Convention? You have made a star, Judge Bunning, and the rest of us have to live with her.
The fact that the law and common sense—to say nothing of the notion that you should do the damn job you get paid a salary to do—are lined up behind Judge Bunning doesn't matter a damn to the people inside the bubble. Only two contenders for president on the Republican side have made the quite reasonable argument that Davis should do the job she swore an oath (to God!) to do, or quit the job because her conscience demands it.
Of course the real reason she will become rich is because she probably gave some money to some televangelist who promises that God will make you rich if you give your money to televangelists.

"Sow your money in the ground and you will reap returns multiple times over."

All these preachers, says Oliver, argue "that wealth is a sign of God's favor, and donations will result in wealth coming back to you. That idea takes the form of 'seed faith' — that donations are seeds that you will one day get to harvest."

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