Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why Would Anyone Listen To A Raving Lunatic?

Is Ann Coulter a raving lunatic? I’ll let you be the judge. Watch this clip from the Today Show and decide for yourself.

If Ann Coulter ever made a valid point would anyone notice?

Does anyone else find her remarks about single mothers having children that end up in prison to be racist? To top it off she throws Charles Murray into the mix.

Is Matt Lauer an idiot, simply incompetent, or a pawn in the game of bad media? Or is he all three? Hey Lauer, if the children of single mothers are the root of all of our problems why not ask some of the obvious questions of the raving loon? Things like: Would it be better if all these mothers had abortions? Would it be better if all these mothers had used contraception? Isn’t our prison population disproportionately full of black men? Do you think that the justice system is biased against black men? Why are only single mothers to blame, what about the fathers? (To be fair, Mr. Lauer did sort of dance around that question.) Do you think that if there were more available jobs in the inner cities that this “problem” would be lessened? Do you think that if there were better schools in the inner cities that this “problem” would be lessened? Wouldn’t allowing gay couples to marry decrease the number of single mothers? Hasn’t George W. Bush screwed everything up much worse than any single mother possibly could? Name me some of the articles in the New York Times that have “promoted” single motherhood. Name me some of the court cases that have been responsible for “destroying the institution of marriage.” If marriage has been destroyed as an institution why are people still getting married? How can liberals possibly destroy America, hasn’t George W. Bush already beaten them to it? When has Barbara Ehrenreich ever denounced the nuclear family? Do you think that extremely rude people like yourself are more detrimental to society than single mothers are?

And the most obvious question of all: If single motherhood is the root of all of our problems, then what is the solution to this problem?

Notice the cross necklace? “Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine.”

Obviously I listened to Ann Coulter. Does that make me a raving lunatic as well?

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