Friday, January 16, 2009

Farewell To The Liar-In-Chief

Bye George, I don't think he's got it. (Bush that is).

From Bush's Farewell Fabrication by John Nichols:

The soon-to-be (but not soon enough) former president devoted his final address to the country to telling the people that the vast majority of them were wrong.

Three quarters of Americans may disapprove of how he led the United States. But Bush said in his 13-minute address to the nation that he did just fine.
Reading the talking points of the Bush Legacy Project, which is being managed by former White House political czar, the outgoing president reprised the Orwellian themes of his tenure: freedom promoted at the point of a gun, occupations framed as "liberations," fearmongering and a cowboy's claim of victory in a "war on terror" that still has no direction, no endgame, no capture of Osama bin Laden.
Jonathan Schwarz thinks that someone should get George a waiver.

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