Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Lunacy Of The Left?

Karl Rove thinks that the left are lunatics because we try to be humane. Because we believe in “innocent until proven guilty.” Because we know that Bob Dole was not actually torturing himself when he ran for president. (Watch the video.) Because we are not sadistic animals like Rove.

From Now All These (Torture) Techniques Are Ruined! Karl Rove. by Kel:

But Obama's release of these memos has done a quite startling thing. It has forced people like Rove to take to the airwaves and defend what was done. To hear Rove speak of forced nudity, diet management, sleep deprivation and waterboarding is to hear a torturer attempt to defend his own inhumanity.

Aided by O'Reilly, Rove is actually on the record defending torture. Whether or not the right wing ever accept this, the actions they are describing are regarded as torture under international law. Obama is giving them rope and they are wrapping it around their own necks on national television.

Listening to what Rove is saying here is astonishing. If they played this tape in any international court of law there would be no argument as to his guilt, as he is practically confessing to the crime, whilst insisting that the actions which he is describing are not crimes at all.
It may not be torture, but it is hard to watch O’Reilly and Rove here:

O’Reilly criticizing others for their lack of journalistic standards is absurd. It would be laughable if it weren’t actually tragic. Listen to the entire video for two wonderful examples of O’Reilly’s journalistic abilities. He gets Eric Holders first name wrong and he doesn’t know who Richard Armitage is. Are we suppossed to trust O’Reilly with the big facts, if he can’t even get the little facts right?

How can Rove possible use Bob Dole as an example here? Dole was a free man. He was exercising his own free will. Compare that to someone locked up in a hell-hole without knowledge of what will happen to them. Absolutely, completely absurd.

Why are people being given airtime on television and being paid to defend torture? How low we have sunk.

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