Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Variation On Dumb And Dumber

Call it Dumb and Smarter. While Joe Barton seems determined to show the world how stupid he is, Steven Chu (along with Hilda Solis) wrote an op-ed for Earth Day.

From Building the American Clean Energy Economy by Steven Chu and Hilda Solis:

For decades, while Americans have worked to make a difference in their communities, some politicians in both parties have failed to adequately address the energy crisis, which imperils our economy, our security and our planet. Now, we have a unique and critical opportunity to attack the energy crisis head on and create a comprehensive energy policy that will bolster our economy, end our dependence on foreign oil and reduce the threat of deadly pollution that could devastate our climate.
The path before us is clear, but it will not be easy. To create entire new industries of clean energy jobs, break the stranglehold of foreign oil on our economy and punish the polluters who are devastating our natural resources, we have to be honest about the difficult tasks and hard choices ahead. Our goal must be a clean energy future that works for all Americans, so that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren not just a stronger economy but a cleaner planet.
Chu fills me with hope, Barton fills me with despair. How is it possible for people like Barton to have positions with so much power and influence?

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