Friday, November 20, 2009

The Military System's Virtues

From Holder's reasonable decision by Jim Comey and Jack Goldsmith:

…Holder's critics do not help their case by understating the criminal justice system's capacities, overstating the military system's virtues and bumper-stickering a reasonable decision.
There are many things that I do not understand about the far-right wing. Here is one. Why do they see the Republican Party as well as the United States military as infallible? Why is the Democratic Party constantly wrong in their eyes? These things seem like statistical impossibilities to me.

From what I understand, the logic (or illogic) of the right wingers is that the government is bad, can’t be trusted, screws everything up, and takes all their money in the form of taxes.

Here is what I don’t understand. The military is part of the government. From the perspective of the right, why is the military always good, why can they always be trusted, why do they never screw up, and why does the enormous amount of tax dollars given to the military never seem to bother the right? Why does the right have faith in military courts, but not civilian courts?

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