Monday, December 21, 2009

Broke Down

From The coming end of my liberalism. Wish I could predict the same for the President’s. by Lance Mannion:

When the system worked it did what Liberals like me wanted it to do.  It opened up opportunities, it spread the wealth, it gave a leg up to those who needed it, it built things.

It seemed worth fixing when and where it broke down.

It’s been a long, long time since the system worked the way it was supposed to, and it’s looking as though it will not work that way again.

Ronald Reagan and thirty years of Right Wing rule have broke it but good.

Possibly beyond repair.

Definitely beyond repair if the Right Wing, which includes and is run by the Corporate Elitists, continue to wield the power they wield.

The Tea Partiers will get bought off and co-opted the same as the Religious Right.

It’s probably even wrong to say the system’s broken.

The system’s been replaced.

What we have now is a system run by corporate elitists who regard the rest of us as the enemy.

When they don’t regard us as targets.

The system has been turned against us.  The object isn’t to provide jobs and opportunities.  Those cost too much.  The object is to wring every last nickel out of us it can.

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