Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rush Displays His Ignorance

From Rush Limbaugh’s War on Science by Chris Mooney:

Rush is ticked because everybody told him to be afraid of swine flu, and now it turns out that as pandemics go, the current strain of swine flu is probably less like a category 3 hurricane, and more like a category 1 or tropical storm. So what does Rush do? He blames the scientists:
We are the targets of lies, damn lies and science and scientists are rapidly becoming as trustworthy as politicians.
I suppose that some scientists lie, especially those that are paid big bucks by corporations to do so. I would assume that Rush Limbaugh likes those scientists, just as he likes the politicians that lie the most.

It is one thing to accuse scientists of lying. It is another thing to accuse science of lying. Is it possible for science to lie? I don’t think so.

Mathematicians are capable of lying and telling us that two plus two equals five. Why one would choose to do this is a mystery to me. All the rest of the mathematicians would laugh him out his profession. Mathematicians are capable of lying, mathematics is incapable of lying. Two plus two equals four. Scientists are capable of lying, science is incapable of lying.

Why does Mr. Limbaugh attack science and scientists? If he wants to go after someone regarding this issue, why doesn’t he look inward and attack the media? After all who is responsible for most of the hype that is out there?

Sometimes science, like life, requires a little patience. Sometimes science, like life, doesn’t give us all the answers. Rush Limbaugh tries my patience, and provides me with no answers whatsoever. Is he simply ignorant or is he the one doing the lying?

Does Mr. Limbaugh think that radio is magic? Or does he think that the science that allows him to do his job every day is lying to him?

If Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin wish to return to the Dark Ages, fine. I refuse to follow them.

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