Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Tis Folly To Be Wise

From Corruption threatens "soul and fabric" of U.S.: FBI by Pascal Fletcher:

Addressing businessmen in Florida, where financial fraud cases jumped by 42 percent in the last year, FBI Miami Division Special Agent in Charge John Gillies said failures in personal ethics and integrity sowed the initial poisonous seeds of corruption in a society.

Gillies said transgressions by high-profile public servants and even perceived social role models, like top golfer Tiger Woods, currently embroiled in allegations that he had extramarital affairs, sent the signal to young Americans that cheating and stealing were acceptable.

"Where do our children learn this? They see us, their elected officials, their sports stars, they see how they act and they figure, 'well it's OK,'" he said, citing the case of Woods, whose early morning car accident in Florida last month triggered a storm of media questioning of his clean-living reputation.

"Money can't buy everything," Gillies said in a speech to the West Boca Chamber of Commerce in Boca Raton, Florida.
In one of the most capitalistic and religious countries on the planet I’m sure that many blame the liberals, socialists, and atheists for the lack of morality described here. Or all three combined.

Even though Sarah Palin seems to me to be even dumber and more religious than George W. Bush, I look forward to the day when she will save us all from our great moral decline. Pray for her. Please ignore the fact that Americans have been praying since the beginning of our country, and that corruption seems to be at an all time high in spite of so many prayers. Please ignore the fact that some of the most religious are also some of the most immoral (child abusing Catholic priests anyone?) and corrupt (George W. Bush anyone?) of all. I want you to fall on your knees and pray for an end to this corruption. Oh, and please send me five dollars for me to continue to show you the true way to bliss. Thank you.

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