Saturday, September 5, 2015

You're Stupid! No, You're Stupid!

Norm Macdonald Slams 'Unfunny' Bill Maher, 'Hack' Atheists:

Comedian Norm Macdonald uttered some unpopular opinions for liberal Hollywood, slamming "hack" atheists and mocking Bill Maher as "unfunny." The Saturday Night Live alum talked to The Hollywood Reporter and derided Los Angeles elitists: "Oh, just the smugness. There are a lot more hack 'smart' comedians nowadays and atheist comedians. It's so dull."

In the September 1 article, he added, "To be talking about being an atheist living in West Hollywood is not the bravest stance to take. If a guy went up and said, 'Jesus Christ is our lord and savior,' I’d say, 'Damn, that guy’s brave!'"
I think that many people think that Norm Macdonald is an unfunny, dull, smug, hack comedian.

Let's all just call each other names and then pretend that we've actually accomplished something.

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