Saturday, September 5, 2015

What Is It About Georgia?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sure has been busy lately. I'm impressed.

Mark Richt, the head football coach at the University of Georgia, responded to an allegation made by the Freedom From Religion Foundation group that he and his brother-in-law Kevin "Chappy" Hynes, a chaplain for the team, force their Christian beliefs onto the football players.

"We're at a secular university, I understand that. I don't try to make anyone believe a certain way at all,"The Telegraph quoted Richt as saying. "Anything that has to do with the spirit is strictly voluntary and never has any bearing on someone's availability to play at Georgia. It's always been that way."

FFRF has accused the coach of using his position to impose Christianity on the college team players and thereby violating church-state separation. "Some coaches think that students need to be Christian in order to be good people," FFRF stated in a report titled, Pray to Play, on coaches and chaplains who allegedly force their faith on players at U.S. public universities.
I blame Tim Tebow for all of this. WWJD? Jesus would play football, and Jesus would have a website with the URL if he could manage to buy the domain name from the people who beat him to it. WWFSMD?

Believe it or not, there is a radio station with the call letters WWJD. It broadcasts in a Contemporary Christian music format.

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