Monday, February 22, 2016

Citizens Not United

Keen observers of the political landscape may have discerned this bit of information: The Republican establishment sort of hates its presidential front-runner Donald Trump. But very few of the party's moneyed elite have had the gumption to openly fund a mission to destroy the billionaire's chances of winning the nomination.

Until now.

New campaign-finance reports show that Marlene Ricketts, the wife of billionaire T.D. Ameritrade founder J. Joe Ricketts, contributed $3 million to Our Principles PAC, a super PAC that blistered Trump with negative ads, voter guides and mailers ahead of the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. Katie Packer, who helped manage Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign, runs the group.

Virtually all the money the committee raised in January came from Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs.
The billionaires are at war with one another. Isn't it fun to watch?

I'd bet that the founders of Citizens United did not foresee this. Perhaps Citizens United will implode when billionaires realize that all the money they spend is being canceled out by all the money that some other group of billionaires is spending.

Hopefully, "divided they fall" will apply eventually.

These people have way too much money.

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