Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Starbucks and some other eateries are under fire from a health advocacy group over high sugar levels in their hot drinks.

U.K.-based Action on Sugar has released a report claiming that many commercial district hot drinks contain as much sugar as a can of cola.

Some of the hot drinks contained more than 20 teaspoons of sugars., it said.

It's "yet again another example of scandalous amounts of sugar added to our food and drink," said Graham MacGregor, Action on Sugar chairman.

The top offender was Starbucks, which had seven of the 10 worst offenders. Its Venti Grape with Chai, Orange and Cinnamon Hot Mulled Fruit, contains a whopping 99 grams of sugar – the equivalent of 25 teaspoons — per serving, the group said.
Sugar and Health:
Sugars are an unnecessary and unhealthy source of calories, and health experts are becoming ever more concerned about the issues associated directly with excessive sugars consumption. The incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes, along with the sometimes serious consequences of those diseases, is rapidly increasing. There is a direct link between consumption of sugars and dental caries as well as a possible link between consuming excess sugars and high cholesterol, high blood pressure, some cancers and non-alcoholic liver disease.

Even if you are slim and appear to be healthy, consuming too much sugar can still have serious effects on your health and these issues may only appear later in life. It is particularly important to try and reduce the amount of sugars that children consume. Children can grow accustomed to a diet high in sugars, and this habit will then be harder for them to break. It is therefore important to try and cut down, where possible, and opt for healthier low-sugar alternatives that can be just as tasty.

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