Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Leprechaun Game

I like games. Do you like games? Let's play The Leprechaun Game! It's easy!

To play The Leprechaun Game all you have to do is find something that has the word God, Jesus, or religion in it. Then simply substitute this word with the word leprechaun.

Here's some examples:

  1. In leprechauns we trust.
  2. Freedom of leprechauns.
  3. Our leprechaun who art in heaven.
  4. What would leprechauns do?
Fun and informative, unless you are a Christian. Christians won't understand this, and they will be too busy being offended to even try.

Atheists will be amused, Christians will not. Everybody wins.

This game is a variation of The Teapot Game and The Dragon Game, as well as The Flying Spaghetti Monster Game:
  1. In teapots we trust.
  2. Freedom of dragons.
  3. Our Flying Spaghetti Monster who art in heaven.
  4. What would teapots do?

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