Monday, February 1, 2016

The Reason Why Sarah Palin Talks So Funny

Palin Spars With 'Today' Show Hosts Over Obama Comments:
"You said that President Obama may be to blame for some of the PTSD that's out there," said Guthrie.

"I never said that," Palin said.
And when asked if she regrets her comments about her son, she demanded: "What did I say that is offensive?"

"I don't regret any comment that I made because I didn't lay PTSD at the foot of the president," Palin argued. "I did say though that there is – and adamantly that our president needs to let the military do their job. If you have a specific quote, it allows the media to be credible if you would tell me what you're talking about."
Sarah Palin Blames President Obama, PTSD for Son’s Problems:
“I can talk personally about this, I guess it’s kind of the elephant in the room,” Palin said. “My son like so many others, they come back a bit different, they come back hardened, they come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is that their fellow soldiers and airmen and every other member of the military so sacrificially have given to this country. And that starts from the top. It’s a shame that our military personnel even have to wonder, if they have to question, if they’re respected anymore. It starts from the top. The question though that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through? Do you know what we’re trying to do to secure America and to secure the freedoms that have been bequeathed us?”

“I can certainly relate with other familes who kind of feel these ramifications of some PTSD and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with,” Palin continued. “And it makes me realize more than ever it is now or never for the sake of Americas finest that we have that commander in chief that will respect them and honor them.”
The reason why Sarah Palin talks so funny is because her foot is constantly in her mouth.

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