Friday, December 26, 2008

Hey Dubya! Boot You!

From At Last, Giving Bush The Boot by H.D.S. Greenway:

The image of shoes being thrown at George W. Bush during his tarnished legacy tour of Iraq has already entered legend. That a Saudi offered to pay $10 million for just one of the shoes attests to the power of symbolism. The Turkish cobbler who made the shoes is being inundated with new orders from around the world.

It was outrageous, and the Iraqi government may have been embarrassed, but you can count on a substantial number of Arab boys born this month being named Muntader, after Muntader al Zaidi, the thrower. He is in deep trouble in Iraq, but for much of the world he is goody-two-shoes.

In Bush's last pathetic days, with the world going broke and his administration in a moral chapter 11, he continues to misrepresent his culpability in the calamities that have befallen the country on his watch. The most egregious was his statement, when asked if he had any regrets, that he wished the intelligence on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction could have been better. Bush blithely ignored the efforts his administration went to in order to twist the intelligence to his liking. The march to war was one of the greatest frauds of our time.
Greenway then goes on to describe how careless Bush was as president. Greenway uses this word many times to describe Bush. Others frequently describe Bush as incompetent. This irks me. Bush is simply immoral. Bush’s legacy of war, torture, and not upholding the Constitution (as he swore to do twice) is immoral. The fact that he is immoral is why he is careless, incompetent, and deceitful. A moral man would not start wars, a moral man would not let others suffer after a natural disaster, a moral man would never allow torture of other human beings, a moral man would not imprison others without giving them a fair trial, a moral man would not try to destroy the Constitution.

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