Monday, December 22, 2008

Screw You Joe

Meet the new almost boss, same as all the old bosses.

From Biden on prosecuting Bush officials for torture: ‘I think we should be looking forwards, not backwards.’:

On ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos asked Vice President-elect Joe Biden whether high-level Bush administration officials should be prosecuted for prisoner abuse. “The questions of whether or not a criminal act has been committed…is something the Justice Department decides,” Biden responded. “That’s a decision I’d look to the Justice Department to make.” While stating he was “not ruling it in and not ruling it out,” Biden underscored that he and Obama are are “focusing on the future.” “I think we should be looking forward, not backwards,” he argued.
I’m all for reason, restraint, and letting the Justice Department do their job, but we simply can’t ignore the past eight years, and hold no one accountable.

I condemn the past that is the Bush administration, I do not want to repeat it.

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