Monday, December 8, 2008

Movin' On With Tom Brokaw

Let’s just forget that the last eight years happened and get on with our lives. That seems to be what Tom Brokaw thinks.

Here is what he said on the Today Show this morning (in reference to the Babs and W. kiss):

That is symbolic of where this country is. They want to come together. People want to put the feud behind. We’ve got big, big challenges ahead of us and it is time to get beyond some of these fights that have been going on, and find some common ground. It doesn’t mean we give up our individual, very strong feelings about things, but the country’s on a domestic war footing.
Never mind that George W. Bush should be held accountable for constitutional shredding and other criminal acts. The past eight years amounted only to some sort of feud, it wasn’t a nightmare of incompetence and immorality. Let’s just forget all that and kiss and make up.

The Bush administration has done more than just hurt people's feelings. They have nearly destroyed the entire country. Let’s have some accountability. Let’s have an investigation. Surely, we can do several things at the same time.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

To me, Brokaw is symbolic of what is wrong with this country. He gets paid big bucks to say idiotic things like this, while patting himself on the back and yucking it up with Matt Lauer and David Gregory. They’re all such nice, good old boys. Just like George W. Bush. I’d never want to have a beer with any of them.

From Journalists become 'self-reverential' celebrities by Jennifer Harper:
"Anchors and journalists have become part of self-reverential celebrity culture. Everything goes back to 'me.' It's driven somewhat by technological and economical change. Still, I haven't seen them pulled kicking and screaming into this," said Robert Lichter, director of the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University.

"Anchors can be bigger stars than the nominees at a political convention. They're not only brand names, but whole mini-corporations who supply the news, tell us what it means, and then turn around and be news themselves," he added.
An online poll at -- an insiders' journalism blog -- found that 79 percent of the respondents thought it would be a "bad idea" if NBC chose Mr. Gregory as moderator. The Drudge Report referred to the events as "meet the depressed," calling the 60-year-old public-affairs show - the nation's longest-running TV program - a "fading format."

Should a woman be chosen, she would be only the second female in the coveted post. Martha Rountree, who helped create the show, hosted it from 1947 to 1953.
Is this the poll that is referred to? (Who knows? The Washington Times does that idiotic linking thing where it only links to itself.) If so, when I checked it had 65% saying “no” to the question “Do you think David Gregory is a good choice for MTP?” No mention of a “bad idea.”

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