Friday, October 9, 2015

David Silverman Is Fighting God

God won't fight back, but plenty of religious people will.

Fighting God is the atheist manifesto it sets out to be, making one of the most compelling cases for not only using the word atheist openly and proudly but also because he makes the strongest case I have yet to read for why firebrand, in-your-face atheism is not only vital but absolutely necessary to further atheist acceptance in the world.

Atheists have attacked Silverman and American Atheists for its tactics in setting up billboards proclaiming that “You Know It’s a Myth” or filing lawsuits against the US Government for putting an iron crossbeam decorated to look like a Christian cross in the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Yet Silverman uses data to explain why this kind of activism is working and how it is changing the face of atheism in the public’s eye forever. While humanist groups and those who take a more interfaith approach have an important role in our community, Silverman believes no real change could come unless groups like American Atheists knock down a few walls first.

He cites the Boston Marathon bombing and how the Harvard Humanist group was blocked from attending the interfaith service that was attended by President Obama after asking politely to be included, but making almost no noise when told no. The polite method didn’t work, but in many other cases of exclusion, American Atheists, Silverman and other loud and outspoken atheist activists have made a lot of noise and forced those who shut us out to address us.
David Silverman is the current president of American Atheists, which was founded by Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

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