Friday, October 16, 2015

FUBAR Morality

The Fog of Intelligence:

You get the point. Whatever the efforts of that expansive corps of intelligence analysts (and the vast intelligence edifice behind it), when anything happens in the Greater Middle East, you can essentially assume that the official American reaction, military and political, will be “surprise” and that policymakers will be left “scrambling” in a quagmire of ignorance to rescue American policy from the unexpected. In other words, somehow, with what passes for the best, or at least most extensive and expensive intelligence operation on the planet, with all those satellites and drones and surveillance sweeps and sources, with crowds of analysts, hordes of private contractors, and tens of billions of dollars, with, in short, “intelligence” galore, American officials in the area of their wars are evidently going to continue to find themselves eternally caught “off guard.”
The Republicans think that war is moral and that war deserves as many tax dollars as we can throw at it. Even when it is not working. Even when it lasts FOURTEEN YEARS.

The Republicans think that womens health issues are immoral and deserve zero tax dollars.

FUBAR morality.

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