Friday, October 2, 2015

Religious Republicans Rescue Rules

Oklahoma Republicans offer home to Ten Commandments monument:
The Republican Party of Oklahoma has offered a home to a Ten Commandments monument soon to be removed from Capitol grounds by court order, saying the teachings etched in stone are espoused by the party, officials said on Thursday.

A state judge in September gave Oklahoma until Oct. 12 to remove the 6-foot-tall monument, denying requests from the state’s Republican leadership to leave it in its current spot a few paces from the Capitol.

The interim chairwoman of the Oklahoma Republican Party has offered to display the monument outside Republican headquarters in Oklahoma City.

“It really defines us as a nation,” said Estela Hernandez “We really are a moral nation and, when we look at those laws that are enshrined in that monument, that’s what we follow today.”
Because monuments are more important than representing all the people. Because Christian Republicans are more equal than others.
Because the Ten Commandments cover morality so completely:
Stupid enough as it is that some idiots think these arcane rules should be the foundation of national laws, there is obviously an enormous body of legal code that is not covered by the 10 Commandments, one of the more obvious examples being that nowhere is one forbidden to beat someone to a pulp because they look funny, or for any other reason for that matter (unless they're your mother or father, provided you've dishonored them). One of the more serious omissions, telling perhaps about the society's view of women, is that there is nothing here to prohibit rape, which is arguably a far worse crime than saying your parents' ideas are whacked or wishing you had that really hot Lexus.

Other omissions include slavery, torture, bodily harm, deceit, bribery, coercion, usurpation, etc.

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