Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rep. Drew Springer

A furor involving a small-town Texas police department and national secular organization has reached the state attorney general’s office, and may well wind up in court after that.

At issue: does slapping “In God We Trust” stickers on police patrol cars violate the U.S. constitution?

After fielding a complaint from a citizen of Childress, a Panhandle town of about 6,000, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent the town’s police department a letter last month asking it to stop using the motto.
Monday, the two state legislators representing Childress — state Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, and state Rep. Drew Springer, R-Muenster — asked Attorney General Ken Paxton to weigh in on the question.
There’s nothing wrong or unconstitutional about officers finding solace in the words of the motto, and it should comfort nonbelievers to encounter law enforcement officers that subscribe to a belief system, Springer said.

“If I was a nonbeliever,” Springer said, “I would still have good feelings if someone was acting in a religious way from that standpoint.”

Drew Springer seems to have many misfiring synapses. Either that or he is simply a terrible person. A Christian telling an atheist what he would think if he was an atheist is totally irrelevant and nonsensical. It's like a man telling a woman that he knows what childbirth is like. It's like me saying I know what it is like to be Chinese. I've never been to China and I don't know the language. I know nothing about what it would be like to be Chinese. Drew Springer knows nothing about atheism and does not know what it is like to be an atheist. He is a ridiculous man.

I do not want the police to advertise their belief in the supernatural. It disturbs me. It does not give me good feelings. It is not comforting.

In the future will the police stop patrolling and simply hold prayer meetings and try to wish all of the bad guys to simply vanish into thin air?

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