Thursday, October 8, 2015

I’d Really rather you didn't act like a sanctimonious holier-than-thou ass...

Moments before a city council meeting, Keller scrapped plans for an atheist to deliver its invocation.

The mayor offered a prayer instead.

Zachary Moore, representing Keller Humanists, was set to speak.

“The things I like to invoke are our shared values. I like to invoke the democratic process,” he said.

Moore has given the invocation at Keller city council meetings three times in the last year. It comes with a condition, though.

Moore’s invocations are always followed by a prayer given by Pastor John Salvesen of the Bear Creek Bible Church.

“I was fine with that too for a while, but it occurred to me that what happened was also a form of discrimination,” said Moore.

Last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which advocates for separation of church and state, sent the council a letter.

“If the Council insists on continuing to host prayers at public meetings, it cannot discriminate against any person wishing to give a prayer. The nonreligious and members of minority religions must be permitted to deliver invocations on an equal basis. This not only means permitting them to be in the invocation rotation, it also means not making a special show of diluting their message with a subsequent Christian prayer,” reads the letter.

Pastor Salvesen, who oversees the invocation, sees one problem, though. Moore, he claims, isn’t praying, since he has no one to pray to.
This is so wrong.

There are many different versions of the Our Pasta prayer:
Our Pasta,
Who "Arghh" in colander,
Draining be thy noodles.
Thy serving come,
Thy food be yum,
In restaurants, as it is in kitchens.
Give us this day our daily sauce,
And forgive our messes,
As we forgive those who mess against us.
And lead us not into hunger,
But deliver us some pizza,
For thine is the spaghetti, and the meatballs, and the sauce
For ever and ever.

Religious people aren't praying to anyone either, anyone real that is.

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