Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Guns Don't Kill People, Anti-Christian Opinions Do

In the specific case of the Oregon shootings, the far left wants to exploit the crime in an effort to push an anti-gun agenda, but they won't want to talk about the shooter's beliefs and motives. Mostly, that's because they agree with his anti-Christian attitude.

No, I'm not saying they want to kill Christians.  I am, however, suggesting that the same kind of anti-Christian bigotry the killer allegedly espoused has become a rallying cry for the disaffected, anti-establishment, radical left. In short, the base of the Democrat party despises Christianity, its values, and its practice.

So they'll downplay this killer's agenda, and they'll blame the weapon to advance their own.

They have no interest in a "national discussion" about this monster's anti-Christian opinions because, by and large, they share them.
Yes, let's get right on this. We all know that guns were only used once in all of the mass-shootings that have ever occurred in the United States. We all know that anti-Christian opinions are the mass murderer's weapon of choice. We definitely need an anti-Christian opinion ban.

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