Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Gets It All Wrong

But if you just stick with the simple organizational purpose and structure of communism, there's no denying what the Democrat Party is.  Liberalism, socialism, what have you.  Centralized government, command-and-control economy, usurpation of individual liberty and freedom.  It's the objective.  What people have trouble getting their arms around is the purpose.  You talk to average, ordinary, low-information voters and you try to convince them of all this, the first question they have is: "Why do people want to do that?" 

"Well, they want to control you!"

"Well, why? What's worth that? Why would anybody want to control me?"

It's hard for people who are not communists to relate to the communist dream.  It's hard for people who aren't to understand why anybody would want to be.  'Cause there's nothing good about it, so why would anybody want it?  The only people for whom it's good are the rank-and-file elites who lead it, who run it.  And, for them, it's simply a way to organize the legal theft of a nation's wealth, pure and simple.

And in order to get away with the thievery of the nation's wealth, you will have to have massive, total control. Punitive control. You have to make people docile, you have to make people complacent, you have to do it certain ways (unusually fear) to make them go along with being stolen from.  The worst thing for you as a communist leader is a bunch of people who don't want it to stand up and oppose you.  That's when you have to go grab the guns.
To a person that understands the English language most words have different meanings. Red is not blue, left is not right, and so on. There are synonyms and they can basically be interchanged. Red is crimson, but it is still not blue. Left is portside, but it is still not right.

Limbaugh really is a big fat idiot if he thinks that the words he uses to describe Democrats are synonyms. The words fascist, liberal, Democrat, socialism, and communist do not mean the same thing. They are not interchangeable. For someone who utters so many words a day, Limbaugh could at least use them properly, he really needs to consult a dictionary.

Let's look at the word "liberal". Here are the synonyms that lists:
enlightened, flexible, humanistic, lenient, permissive, radical, reformist, tolerant, avant-garde, broad, catholic, free, general, humanitarian, latitudinarian, left, libertarian, rational, understanding, advanced, broad-minded, high-minded, indulgent, intelligent, interested, loose, magnanimous, reasonable, receiving, receptive, unbiased, unbigoted, unconventional, unorthodox, unprejudiced
There is nothing about "Centralized government, command-and-control economy, usurpation of individual liberty and freedom". There is nothing about "punitive control". What is wrong with being a liberal? Liberals are not prejudiced, they are reasonable, receptive, rational, tolerant. When did these become bad things?

Here are the antonyms for the word "liberal":
intolerant, limited, narrow, specific, conservative, economical, greedy, lacking, mean, narrow-minded, poor, thrifty, ungenerous, wanting
Some of those words describe Limbaugh quite well. He is intolerant, limited, narrow, conservative, lacking, mean, narrow-minded, ungenerous, and wanting. In other words he is not a liberal.

The antonyms for communist are:
capitalist, fascist, conservative
Limbaugh does not know what he is talking about.

If only the liberals could silence him...

But then they wouldn't be liberals anymore. Then they actually would be fascists.

Just for fun let's look up synonyms for "bullshit":
bull, crap, bunk, drivel, gibberish, guff, hogwash, nonsense, rubbish, baloney, bosh, bunkum,  flim-flam, hokum, hooey, malarkey, moonshine, phooey, poppycock
There is one word listed as an antonym for "bullshit":

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