Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why Doesn't Bush Put His Money Where His Mouth Is?

From News Analysis: Bush to stick to his Iraq policy to the end of presidency By Yang Qingchuan:

Bush's decision to stay the course in Iraq will infuriate Democrats and the public, who are tired of a prolonged and extremely costly war.

Opinion polls show a majority of Americans oppose the war and only some 30 percent of them approve Bush's job performance in Iraq.

Democrats are planning new moves to press him on the issue, although they are short of a veto-proof majority in the Congress to force a change in his Iraq policy.

The first thing Democrats will do is to link the sagging U.S. economy to escalating war costs, saying that energy-rich Iraq should be footing more of its own bills.

"We've put about 45 billion U.S. dollars into Iraq's reconstruction...and they have not spent their own resources," said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel. "They have got to have some skin in the game," he said.

Another bad news for Bush is that some Republicans seem to agree, too.
From Bush earned $719,000 in 2007:
President and Mrs. George W. Bush reported taxable income of $719, 274 for the tax year 2007 and paid $221,635 in federal income taxes, the White House said Friday.

They contributed a total of $165,660 to churches and charitable organizations.
How patriotic is George W. Bush? How much does he love America? If the “war on terror” is as important as he says it is, why doesn’t he contribute about $400,000.00 a year to fight it? Other Americans are sacrificing their lives for our country. What is George W. Bush sacrificing?

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Anonymous said...

Bush made $719,000 but I would not say this atrocious president earned it. Let someone figure out how much Bush cost this country (in terms of lives lost in a war "largely about oil") and in terms of the massively ballooned fiscal deficit. Making $719,000 is not the real story here.

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