Sunday, April 27, 2008

James Dobson Welcomes Atheists To The National Day Of Prayer

From Holy Wars: Evangelicals Attempt to Exclude Non-Christians From National Day of Prayer by Bruce Falconer:

In 1952, when Harry Truman called for a National Day of Prayer, now celebrated annually on the first Thursday of May, it was meant to encourage Americans of all faiths to pray with one another in whatever way felt best to them. It would be an ecumenical celebration of faith that would draw people together in common religious and spiritual contemplation. One can only imagine what Truman would think of this year's event, the planning for which has been marred by bitter squabbling over who should be allowed to participate.

Shirley Dobson, wife of James Dobson, the conservative founder of Focus on the Family, is this year's chairperson of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, a non-governmental organization based in Focus on the Family's offices in Colorado Springs and charged with organizing various events. According to Jay Keller, national field director of the Interfaith Alliance, Dobson has made a point of "excluding Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, and even mainline Christians" from the National Day of Prayer.
If you exclude Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, and mainline Christians from the National Day of Prayer, then who’s left? Fundamentalists, Bahaists, Wiccans, agnostics, and atheists?

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