Friday, April 18, 2008

Portraits Of George W. Bush

From Portrait of a president by PZ Myers:

I never thought I could actually like a portrait of George W. Bush, but this one isn't bad. Go ahead and click on the link — the overall portrait is fine, and you may not notice anything at all disturbing (well, except for the fact that it is George W. Bush) on seeing it. You might not want to click on the links to details in the image, though; this picture is a collage made from pictures of anuses snipped out of porn magazines.

It ain't pretty, but it's art that speaks the truth.
From American War Dead Peer Out from the Portraits of Their Killer:
August 4, 2004: Two different initiatives have put the presidency of George W. Bush into perspective. At last count, nearly 1,000 American soldiers were sent to Iraq thinking they were fighting for American security. They returned to America in boxes, hidden by their Government in the darkness of night. They now have their proud faces peering out from the portraits of the man who is responsible for their death.

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