Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Will Becoming More Ignorant Help Us Solve Our Problems?

Teacher Fired Over Religion:

What a great question Christine Comer asks: “How can I remain neutral over something that is not science?” Creationism is not Science. Creationism belongs in a Theology class taught by a qualified Theology teacher. It does not belong in a Science class taught by a Science teacher. If we were to apply the same logic to what the Creationists want us to do to our schools then it follows that teachers trained in Physical Education would teach Math, teachers trained in Biology would teach History, teachers trained in Computer Science would teach Theology, etc. Is this what we want? Let our Science teachers teach Science. Their job is hard enough already. In many cases it is life threatening. They don’t need the Creationists and Intelligent Designers making it harder for them. I don’t understand why there is even a debate about this. The whole issue is so idiotic.

The United States is rapidly imploding and destroying itself because of stupidity and ignorance. Other countries have better savings habits, better birth rates, better health, better healthcare, better education, etc. Terrorist are not the biggest threat this country faces. We ourselves are the biggest threat this country faces. We elected an immoral idiot as our president and have suffered the consequences every day since. George W. Bush has managed to put our great country into crisis mode. We need smart people to help us solve our problems. Teachers help make people smarter, if they are allowed to teach properly. Let’s keep religion out of our Science classrooms. It does not belong there.

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