Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jack Welch Shows His Leadership Qualities

From Welch says GE's Immelt has 'credibility issue' by Stephen Singer:

Former General Electric Co. chief executive Jack Welch said Wednesday that he would "get a gun out and shoot" his successor, Jeffrey Immelt, if he allowed GE to miss earnings targets again.

"I'd be shocked beyond belief and I'd get a gun out and shoot him if he doesn't make what he promised now," Welch said on CNBC, a cable station owned by GE.
Hey Jack, it’s only money. Don’t you have any dignity? You are supposed to be such a great leader, one that others look up to and emulate. And this is what you have to offer? It seems to me that it is you who has a “credibility issue” and not Jeffrey Immelt. Whether said in jest or not, violence should not be a proposed solution, especially with so much gun violence all around us. Do you have grandchildren Mr. Welch? Do you want them to emulate your behavior? Shame on you Jack Welch. Perhaps a visit to a psychiatrist would be in order, Mr. Welch.

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