Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Thinks He Gets It

If one hundred more years of war is the “it” that John McCain is selling, I don’t want “it.” Senator McCain, how do you propose to pay for "it"?

From Antiwar Protestor Disrupts McCain Iowa Rally by Michael D. Shear:

An antiwar protestor interrupted Sen. John McCain's rally Saturday morning, prompting a lecture from the Republican presidential nominee about the need for both parties to work together to solve America's problem.

As McCain began his speech to about 1,000 people, a young woman was hoisted onto the shoulders of some friends right in front of the main bank of television cameras.

She held up a poster that said "War is over" but her sign was quickly ripped down by people in the audience. She then held up her hands in the "V" symbol for peace and yelled, "We want peace!"

McCain stopped speaking and at one point tried to speak to her, saying, "Hi." The audience quickly started chanting "We want John!" and continued until the woman was pulled down from her friends' shoulders and escorted out.

McCain then offered a lecture about bipartisanship.

"There's a perfect example of some people that just don't get it," he said, prompting huge applause from the crowd.
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