Friday, October 24, 2008

Salty Salter

Mark Salter is pissed off about McCain’s fucking story. I mean, Jesus Christ, this is just crazy shit.

From Mark Salter on the Press and John McCain by Jeffrey Goldberg:

There was an astonishing quotation in a recent New York Times story about John McCain from Robert Timberg, a biographer and admirer of McCain's. Timberg told the Times reporter David Kirkpatrick that, "Political campaigns have a way of distorting reality and turning political candidates into caricatures of themselves. In some ways that has happened to (McCain), and in some way he may have contributed to that." Mark Salter, the McCain aide who has co-written most of McCain's books, is quoted as calling Timberg's assertion "deeply offensive."

I called Salter to talk about the Timberg quotation, and the Times story - in which Kirkpatrick explores the literary influences on McCain's life (and on Salter's) and discusses the shaping of McCain's heroic image. We also talked about Salter's current view of the press: "I think the media is driven by a need to see this history happen," he said. "And I think they've rationalized it, they think they're on the level with McCain, that he's not the old McCain. But he is the old McCain. He just doesn't know what happened to the old press corps."
Read the rest here. (Jesus Christ, it's where you will find the fucking crazy shit.)

Oh, and Andrew Sullivan has lost his fucking mind.

Now, talk among yourselves.

First, I want you to discuss how the liberal media doesn’t inform you about things that you have heard about. I don’t know where you learned about them, but it couldn’t have been from the liberal media. Say “fuck this” and “fuck that” and “Jesus Christ” a lot. It will add substance to the discussion.

Then, I want you to discuss the party of family values. Be sure to use lots of curse words and to take the Lord’s name in vain as often as you like.

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