Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Atheists Do More Than Just Vote

As I’ve pointed out before, atheists vote. (If you follow the link, trust me, the part about atheists voting is in there somewhere.) They also make political contributions.

From Dole's mistake: 'Godless' ad drove donors, voters to Hagan by Lisa Zagaroli:

It's no surprise to Steve Lowe that being an atheist is considered taboo.

But when the head of the Washington Area Secular Humanists saw Sen. Elizabeth Dole's "godless" campaign ad, he did something he'd done only once before — he sent money to a political candidate.

Turns out, Sen.-elect Kay Hagan got 3,600 contributions within 48 hours of Dole airing of the controversial ad, which centered on Hagan's attendance at a fund-raiser at the Boston home of someone active in the atheist community. The Democrat from Greensboro had immediately used the "godless" ad as an e-mail fund-raising tool, and it paid off.

"I told Hagan's campaign, 'This is the reason you're getting money from me — I want you to know this is not hurting you, this has helped you,'" said Lowe said, who gave $50 to Hagan and called Dole, R-N.C., several times to complain.
Lowe, the Washington atheist, said he gave money unsolicited because he was upset that Dole would suggest a candidate was unqualified or "unworthy" due to associating with people who don't believe in God.

"It was so offensive to me," said Lowe, who was unveiling an unrelated ad campaign with other atheist leaders Tuesday at the National Press Club.

In that campaign, Washington buses will have signs that say, "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake."
You can read about one groups reaction to those bus ads here, where the concept of irony seems to have not occurred to the chairman of a group called In God We Trust. He attacks the bus ads claiming that they “are a deliberate attack on American traditions, beliefs and customs.” What could be more American than freedom of speech? In God we trust, and God said that atheists don’t have freedom of speech.

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